Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day of Excitement

Today was very fun. First we went shopping at Otovalo and I got a very pretty bufanda (scarf). Then we went to a restaurant at Cuicocha which is on the side of an active volcano. We went inside the volcano, I'm surprised I'm not dead. Kidding, there is a lake inside the volcano called a crater lake. This is really cool because my last name is Crater, too. We all had a great day but we're all tired too. This is Abbey Crater signing off.


  1. If you fell into Crater Lake, would it then be called Crater Crater soup? Looks like you guys are having fun...Love to see al the smiles! God bless..
    Aunt Patti

  2. Thanks for posting information every day. This helps to keep us engaged in your mission activities. You guys are doing great! Bruce

  3. great to see all the smiling faces,both on the Mission team and on the people you are ministering to..May God continue to bless your work and bring you all home safely...


  4. Abbey, I am so glad you got to go shopping (the best part of foreign travel). I'd love to hear about all the colors and textures you saw at the market. And you bought a scarf? You are a girl after my own heart! I have quite a collection of scarves from my various travels. They are usually affordable and portable -- and great colorful reminders of your travels. I can't wait to see ALL of your souvenirs!