Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Day of VBS

Today was the last day of VBS, and our lesson was on forgiveness (Joseph forgiving his brothers). We finished painting the "wall" and the green fence (praise to God!). No more construction, just a day to hang out with the kids at the zoo tomorrow. A couple of us went to visit Oscar (director of Pan de Vida) and Lori Aguirre and their baby Oscar Andres, and had a chance to pray for them with an intimate healing and worship service in their home. I knew that God had personally called me to Ecuador on this trip, but did not know the reason until tonight: "for such a time as this."


  1. Neat stuff Dinene! I also like the mother and daughter picture. It's been awesome looking at the pictures and reading the blog entries. Thank you for doing this and it's been neat getting daily news from the frontline. All the authors did super on their writeups. May God bless you with a beautiful day at the zoo, and may He wrap His loving arms around you and your new friends as it gets near time to say goodbye.

  2. great job of keeping us informed..I know you all will be glad to finally finish that wall..especially Katie and Abbey..putting the youngest to work..May God continue to watch over all of you as you are getting ready to say good-by to your new friends..we are all anxious to hear about your adventure..God Bless you and keep you safe as you travel home....Grammy

  3. Dinene, I want to hear more about this. You have a special gift. What a blessing you are!