Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today was a wonderful flexible day. Plans were moved around many times, but all went smoothly with no bumps. Adjustments came as quick as a button. Here are the things we enjoyed about the day: The children's faces were filled with joy, especially with the puppet show when Bubba the puppet's hair fell off. The children taught us the Ecuadorian version of London Bridges. We had such a great time playing games with the children and seeing them laugh and run around. It was great to experience learning a game without understanding any directions. We learned by watching the children and joining in with them. During crafts the children put tons of energy into their crafts, paying attention to the details. Once VBS was all over, we let the dogs out so we could scrape cement off the fencing. Those who were not scraping enjoyed playing with the dogs.
Tonight we spent time with Oscar, Lori, Tempy, and George over dinner at George and Tempy's home. We were able to talk about Pan De Vida and how God is blessing us in all our different ministries. At the home which is a 9th floor apartment, we had a great view of Quito from all four sides, including the roof.

We are all now ready for a good night of sleep.


  1. We're glad Day 1 of VBS went so well. It looks like there were a lot of kids too. Neat stuff! Just think of all the seeds your planting for the Lord. Flexibility is also an important part of a mission trip. Keep up the good work and God's blessings to you all!

  2. Amazing! Something I noticed in the photos: here in Kville we're trogging thru some dog days while you guys are obviously comfy in long pants. What gives? But I gotta say, scraping cement... blech. (You go, Jordan!) Sounds like you had a refreshing dinner experience to recharge body and soul. Keep up the great work. Love the blog!

  3. hey beth's pregnant. horrible place to announce this instead of a call but this is the only way I know how to get in touch with you while your in Ecuador. Beth and I wanted to let you know before you see it on facebook :)

    the wonders of technology. praying for sis.

    keep it on the DL cuz we wanna suprise Nana & Popou and call Julie and Steve (neither have facebook so were not worried) :)

    love ya

  4. YAY!!!!!!! Congrats, Beth and Jon!!!! I'm SO happy for you! Good job keeping it on the DL because everyone including Julie and Steve, Mom and Dad, and about 250 of my friends and supporters have full access to this blog! :D Yes, technology is wonderful; everyone now knows your great news!

  5. haha :) like they EVER read the comments?

    come on. ; )