Monday, August 9, 2010

VBS Week 2 Day 1

Queen Ester was a hit. The children all turned a Burger King crown into a Brave crown. Why? Because Ester was brave to admit she was a Jew. The children all put the word brave "valiente" on their crowns. The theme of being brave was shown in all our activities. Tommy our Extreme Response Team Host brought in his Boa for show and tell. The Boa was 7ft long, and went by the name "Diamond". She was very nice and sat well in my hand and on my neck for a few minutes. Many people said I was "valiente" for holding a snake.
We finished painting the inside wall and the fence. We started painting the outside wall but will have to finish tomorrow. Up on the ladders one more time. When we loaded up to leave we all had white speckled faces from paint rolling. Showers were a must when we got home. It was a ton of fun, and we got a bathroom painted also.


  1. Rebekah, Last time it was a 2 foot Python. Now a 7 foot Boa! You certainly are VALIENTE! May God continue to bless the team and the trip as you serve our Lord. Thank you for your willing hearts.

  2. Made my skin crawl just to see the snake. Rebekah, you are truly MUY valiente!!

    Ask the children if they know a song called De Colores. It's a well-known children's song like we sing "Jesus loves me"...... If they do, have them sing it for you. It's a very special song to me.

    Prayers are blanketing you and the whole group.
    Donna Kowalski

  3. THAT'S MY DAUGHTER!! Praise God VBS went so well and good job to all on the team for all the hard work you've been doing. May God renew you and energize you every day.