Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Special Sunday

We had another amazing day in Ecuador. We went to church at EFC (English Fellowship Church) again (we went last Sunday as well), where we sang praises in both english and spanish. The sermon was from Luke, about repentence. We'll have copies of the sermon when we return if you'd like to learn more.

After church, we went to Pan de Vida to prepare and serve lunch to the less fortunate in the community. We did this last Sunday and also on Wednesday evening last week. This is where an amazing thing happened that I want to share with you all. On all three days, including today, we had EXACTLY enough food for those that came. On Wednesday, more than 200 people came, I spilled a dish of food and prayed that we would have enough so that it would not be missed. We served the very last plate to the last person. Then today, Pastor and I were passing food out to those in line (about 130 people) and I realized there were only about 8 plates left and about 15 people still in line. I started to worry, but the others said "don't worry - the Lord will provide" - and he did. When I turned around again, they had found more plates. The last lady in line had a child - but we only had one plate left, so she gave it to the child and did without. Then Pastor walked into the prep area of the kitchen and found one more plate!! When Harriet walked it out to her, she was so grateful. Again, there was exactly enough food. Amazing. God is sooooooo good!

This experience has been so wonderful. We have had fun, grown closer as a group, practiced our spanish, met new friends, prayed together and worked hard (yes, we are working a lot too). We have seen God work in so many ways. Today, before we served lunch, the Pan de Vida leaders led a worship service and 8 people came to Christ. On Wednesday night, 3 people accepted the Lord. It is so rewarding to be a part of such an impactful group.

We miss you all and are looking forward to coming back to share our pictures and stories with you. God bless you and keep you in his care (He is certainly taking care of us!)

Your sister in Christ,


  1. What an inspiring story... it gave me goosebumps just to read it, I can only imagine what it was liek to experiece a miracle happen right before your eyes! Can't wait to hear and see more... You 9 truly are God's angels!

  2. WOW, that is so cool! Isn't it neat being there first hand seeing what the Lord can do? Nothing happens by chance and that includes Him calling each of you to go to Ecuador too. We love you and are very proud of each of you. May God bless you greatly in the week to come, pouring out His love through you and on to the people of Ecuador.

  3. The scripture lesson for our Sunday here at Fountain of Life was on worry! It is no coincidence how a Bible verse pops forward just when you need it. So we as a congregation were right there with you!!!!